Ultrasonic Mosquito Repellent

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Effective – Ultrasonic Mosquito Repellent

1. No troubles – nothing in the air.
Friend frees from mosquitoes with ultrasonic waves imperceptible to a human ear.
It does not diffuse chemical substances.
For this it is the ecological solution when we want defence against mosquitoes.
2. Ultrasonic wide band frequency.
There are more than 60 kinds of mosquitoes. 25,000 Hz ultrasonic waves annoy most of
them, but not all. The value of intermittent wide band frequency – from 22,000 to 28,000Hz – eliminates even mosquitoes resistant to ultrasound with constant frequency.
28 With a very fast wave sequence the Device diffuses ultrasonic waves of different
25 frequencies to cover the whole sensitivity arc of mosquitoes. 22khz The stunned mosquitoes move slowly and do not bite.
3) “with plug” – in normal conditions.
It protects everywhere even with open windows provided that curtains do not cover the
socket or large upholstered furniture. It fits all rooms with an area of about 30 m2
– in normal humidity conditions of air. 220 V.

4) big environments, high humidity.
It acts and defends with amplified ultrasonic waves, always imperceptible to a human ear.
In normal humidity conditions of air it defends big environments-1 device is enough for 30-
50 m2.In environments up to 30 m2 it gets through the barrier of the high humidity which
increases the endurance and aggressiveness of mosquitoes. 220 V.

A summer without mosquitoes!
FRIEND works – with ultrasonic waves.
Noiseless. No environment pollution

It frees you from mosquitoes using imperceptible ultrasonic waves.
The frequency arc of the ultrasonic waves (22 – 40 kHz) widely diffused by device cannot be heard. They disturb neither you or children who usually have sharper ears. These noiseless ultrasonic waves eliminate all mosquitoes. Where FRIEND ultrasonic mosquito is on, it deters their presence and eliminates their flying, buzzing and stinging ability, too.
It does not diffuse any substances in the air.
No room ventilation is necessary. The Device can be left on continuously even staying inside the room itself.
For all this Friend is the ecological self defence solution against mosquitoes. It is a real friend for everybody and particularly for children.
It is special.
It is a precision electronic device with an innovative technique based on our careful research. It has a microprocessor system diffusing ultrasonic waves, which cover the whole frequency arc (22 – 40 kHz). This either drives away the mosquitoes or renders them harmless. The Device always defends quietly and leaves the air you breathe clean.
Plug in Ultrasonic Mosquito for mains” in the room you want to free from mosquitoes.
To get the best diffusion of the ultrasonic waves and, consequently, the best use out of Friend,
it is important to follow some useful suggestions:
1. It is better to switch on the device before the evening to avoid mosquitoes entering the room; or it can also be left in the on position non-stop as it has a very low power consumption.
2. The socket must not be hidden or covered by curtains and it must not be too near to windows – if you want to keep these open – but it must face the inside part of the room.
3. If in the room to protect you have more sockets at different levels, use preferably the higher one.
4. For big rooms (more than 30 m2) it is better to use two device simultaneously positioned apart from each other. The same is valid for rooms with thick carpeting, tapestry, curtains or large upholstered furniture.
5. If all the available sockets are very near to the carpeting (less than 30 cm.), it is better to use an extension and place Friend higher on a table or shelf and orientate it towards the inside of the room.
In the rooms a part of the ultrasonic waves can be absorbed by fabric components of the furniture. This is why the above suggestions are important.

The defence action begins almost immediately, but it becomes stronger in time. This is the reason why it is important to switch on the Device in advance.
To free several rooms (for example sitting room, kitchen, and children room) from mosquitoes simultaneously, one device appliance is not sufficient.

FRIEND has very low power consumption.
In the plug model consumes in 150 hours what a 60 W bulb consumes in ten minutes. The battery of the portable Friend lasts 60/80 hours on average in the on position

Ultrasonic Repellent

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