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“I am a person who believes in the paranormal and afterlife,” Tia Bajpai

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tia bajpayee
The moment you speak to ravishing Tia Bajpai, her honey sweet voice draws you in. Today, this prolific lady rules the roost with her singing and acting prowess. However, dig deeper and she has a wonderful aura too. Sticking her ground firmly in whirlwind of an industry, the siren spills the beans on horror movies, fashion fetish, cooking and a lot more.

You have been a success in singing, television and films. Which one do you love the most?
I have grown up learning music; so obviously I enjoy music a lot. Having said that, since I have started acting and dancing, I love that too. Acting comes naturally to me. It is something that I never learnt, but I like the high when I do a scene, when people praise, critics write good things and audience love it. While acting or performing, I can’t fake it. So I have to say, I enjoy them all.

What is interesting is that you have acted in two horror movies, Haunted 3-D and 1920: Evil Returns. Do you believe in ghost yourself? Any spooky incidents that you recollect?
I haven’t had any kind of spooky stories…it was a lot of fun on the sets. I am a person who believes in the paranormal and afterlife but while shooting, my fear went away. I shot with around one twenty people, everybody would be around and it always used to be a party on the set. I would be dressed as a ghost and be jumping around the set. When Vikram Bhatt used to come, we would chat, joke and laugh. Everything was very normal. Vidya Malvade and I became good friends and she would pamper me more when I was in the ghost attire!

How did acting happen?
It just happened, I was in Sa Re Ga Ma Pa and Zee was keen to sign me because I was very popular with Indian and universal audience. I had 7 look tests for the series ‘Ghar Ki Lakshmi’and they kept trying until they got the right look.

Were there any struggles along the way?
In this kind of profession, the struggle never ends. People who are new comers are trying to get a name; those who already have a name are struggling to become bigger actors; the superstars are struggling to keep the position. It is never ending. But I don’t look at it in a negative way; I have to work hard 24/7.

Is there any mantra that you live by?
I believe in never giving up and never losing hope. If one thing is not happening, I will do something else. I am very positive in life and never let my negativity affect the people around me. If you read ‘The Secret’, you will understand it is all about what you invite and think. Why think in the negative?

And what is Tia behind the screen?
I am normally a happy-go-lucky girl. My profession requires me to play different roles but I see myself as a girl from Lucknow. I cook at home and know to make all kinds of sweets. I can prepare Italian, Chinese and Indian food. My mom once told me, “You have selected this profession but make sure you learn to do what every girl can do.”


What has the glamour industry taught you?
I am more conscious about myself. Earlier, I wouldn’t care about my looks, clothes. Today, I have become more aware about brands and the way I dress up for a particular event. Women should concentrate on themselves; it enhances their beauty all the more.

You are known for your ravishing looks. Any beauty secrets?
I take good care of my hair as a lot of products go into my hair due to my profession. I make sure that I oil my hair, apply a hair mask and go for a hair spa.

How would you define your sense of style?
I like dressing up in one piece dresses. For some reason, I have a liking for the vintage look and love the vintage hairstyle, a lot of pearls and laces. When I go out partying with my friends, they ask me, ‘Why are you looking like you have come out of a 1920s Film?’ (laughs) I cannot go for a filmy party dressed up like that. Whatever party I throw, I keep the theme vintage.

At Lifestyle Fragrance Magazine, we have the ‘Farbee Most Stylish Contest’. If you were the judge what would be your criteria?
What matters is how well they carry themselves. You have to be able to carry off whatever you wear, be it is a swim suit, gown or simple jeans and t-shirt.

Where do we see you next?
Right now I am shooting for Anand Kumar’s Desi Katte. It is about hand-made guns and people around that.

Any last parting advice?
It is important to remain positive. Today, the lifestyle of people is very hectic, brutality is happening on women all around the world. I would advise women to be safe and take care of themselves and men to protect their women, not to go out there and rape and harm them.

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