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In today’s competitive world, everything is fast-paced: Fast cars, fast jobs, fast money, fast food and fast relationships. In this fast race, we acquire one thing very fast that is Stress. What is Stress? Stress is an emotional and physical strain caused by our response to the pressure from the outside world. Common stress includes tension, irritability, mood-swings, a lack in concentration, anger and violence. Physical symptoms include headache, fast heart beat and skin problems.  Stress & beauty!

This can be altered by using the right cosmetic products, right treatments, good eating habits and a lifestyle change. But it can be altered only to the colour and texture that you were born with and nothing more than that.

Women in particular suffering from stress do not realise of the havoc that it can create on their skin. Stress-related skin problems include dull dehydrated skin, lack lustre, acne break-outs, early ageing signs, pigmentation marks and dark circles under the eyes. We are bombarded each day with advertisements in magazines, televisions and newspapers of beauty products promising to get rid of all these skin problems. Yes, these products will help us to a certain extent but they will work only on a superficial level i.e. only till underneath our skin but what about what is going on in our mind and internal body system? Mental health and physical health when in perfect condition will reflect on your skin. If you are mentally and emotionally stressed, your physical health will also get altered and vice versa thus causing a dull & stressed skin. Our skin is a reflection of our mental and physical health.

Stress management is a very vast topic which can have a lot to be written about. Nevertheless, the few common remedies to keep stress at bay are:

• Steering clear from the stressful situation (literally walk away from it)
• Stop blaming and victimising yourself
• Being positive and throwing out the negative thoughts from the mind
• Completely banishing cigarettes, alcohol or any drug-abuse
• Listening to music, dancing or engaging yourself in a hobby of your choice
• Sharing your pain, grief, thoughts with a friend / confidant
• Eating healthy foods which has mood enhancing properties in them
• A good walk, exercising, gyming, aerobics or playing a sport
• Practising yoga/meditation

Even a few of these will keep you sane and happy, thus immediately affecting the mental & physical state and in turn the look on your skin.Apart from these, there are nutritional supplements to calm and destress the mind like the Thalgo Serenity Infusion. One tea bag in a large mug of warm water can soothe your soul. The Thalgo Ocea Zen capsules, taken as a one month course can relax and calm your mind in the most stressful times. The Thalgo Oxygenating Anti-Stress program especially designed for stressed and polluted skin will bring the radiance and glow back to your skin. The Thalgo Indoceane Journey and the Thalgo Ocean Memory treatments can take you to another world providing the ultimate relaxation! But all this: only if you decide to keep yourself beautiful – mentally, physically and emotionally!

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