mosquito repellent
mosquito repellent

Ultrasonic Repellent – Mosquito


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mosquito repellentThe whole range uses high power ultrasonic waves unlike almost all other competing devices,which have been often planned as a placebo.Our Ultrasonic device was compared to the equivalent one of a very famous firm of para-pharmaceutical products and our device turned out to be more powerful of 8,000 (eight thousand) times!!!

The reason is easy. FRIEND an ultrasonic Repellent, uses a special purpose built cap to diffuse 25 kHz ultrasonic waves. Many others do- a little piezo disk like the one used for the “beep beep” sound of small watches, Moreover, the amplifier circuit is of low costs, also because it is not useful to amplify what cannot be diffused at all.The devices are effective if they are switched on before mosquitoes come; on the contrary you will notice their effectiveness half an hour after the switching on at least, i.e. when mosquitoes have already had their ‘meal’ at your expense.

Try to imagine a person forced to enterin a room with a very high sound. At the beginning he resists but with the passing of time he will not be able to stand it and will suffer terrible headaches making him unable to concentrate on his work; so, if he could, he would leave the room, but if he was not forced to enter it, he even would not have tried to. A mosquito acts in the same way when trying to enter a room full of ultrasonic waves.mosquito repellent

Friend is an advanced electronic instrument – repellent that protects you without being noticed and leaving the air fresh that you breath. Friend sets you free from mosquitoes with imperceptible ultrasounds. Friend diffuses ultrasounds at a wide range that cannot be audible for humans


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