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Reiki Healer Ayush started sadguru healing center

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Sixteen  years old Ayush Kashiprasad Gupta, belonging to Madhya Pradesh has gained much deserved recognition as ‘Youngest Reiki Healer in India’ by World Records India. Yes, you read that right, at mere age of 16 this champion has the healing power that is rare to master.
He started the reiki healing at home healing his family members. Later on he started a healing center named ‘ Sadguru Healing Center’ in Madhya Pradesh and healed more than 150 patients. Currently he runs a healing center in Mumbai named ‘Ayush Reiki Healing Center’, in which he has healed more than 300 patients including coma patients too. He is providing reiki healing therapy to many celebrities like Remo Dsouza , Lizelle Remo Dsouza, Ravi Dubey, Nikul Desai, Bharti Singh, Harsh Labanchiya, Shankar Mahadevan, Aditya Narayan, Balraj Syal, Rajeev Thakur, Mubeen Saudagar, Siddharth, Sagar Amisha Patel etc.
Introduced to the world of Reiki at the tender age of 12, he started healing since 2014 and finally got a well deserved appreciation all over the nation. He is coming up with a book ‘Reiki Bhramand ki Rahasyamay Urja’.  All his admirers are eagerly waiting for his book and is happy  for his achievements.

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