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Personality talks – Nidhi Sharma

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In our one of a kind series, we decode the personality of various fascinating people. This time around, we feature Nidhi Sharma. Founder of Bon Impressions, she brings about a holistic difference in people’s life. The dynamic personality offers Image Consulting, covering varied topics and verticals like body language, business etiquette, verbal and non-verbal communication, lifestyle management for the body, soul and mind and personal styling.

How would you put your personality into words?
I like to think that I am like water that can slip through the fingers, but can uphold a ship… adaptable and strong. Like water, I am malleable and can generate extreme force when I have to. Easy going, I try and live by the rule of, “Live and let live”. But there are the flip sides to these traits, impatience and stubbornness. I believe our biggest strengths are our biggest weakness too.

What personality does one require to be in the field that you are in?
“Relevance”… if I had to choose one attribute, this would be it. As an image consultant, one deals with varied kind of clients and people, from various age groups, socio-economic and ethnic backgrounds. The way to be able to connect with a wide variety is not just the ability to adapt, accept and change, but to be able to stay relevant to every segment. This one characteristic helps in creating a connection with people, which tells them that you understand them and their concerns.

Today, you are a revered name in the industry. But back then, did you face any obstacles to reach where you are today? How did you overcome them?
I was my own biggest obstacle. (Mind can play cruel games and if we don’t watch out, ego can take over, creating imaginary fears, which tie us down and sink us).

But on the outside, I had entered a business vertical that was unheard of by people. Overnight, I had become an “entrepreneur” and I had no steady source of income, nor did I have any funding for my consulting work. I had left a cushy job, all material comfort and every conceivable thing I was touching was new to me, including myself.

Understanding all of this and still maintaining a faith in my own conviction that ‘I was doing the right thing’ was a challenge. I had to practically remind myself of it every day. Like any challenge or obstacle, the only way to get past it is ‘to be at it’ … then I read a beautiful line somewhere, “If my mind can conceive it, if my heart can believe it… I know I can achieve it”.

One step in front of the other and then other… I just kept walking, I simply believed in my dream, I trusted myself and I kept the faith. In retrospect, this is what I did and this is what I keep doing.

What is your daily mantra to beat stress and achieve your target?
I don’t have a mantra, but I am slowly developing a philosophy;
I have started to accept myself and life around me as it is.
I pray, it gives me immense solace and strength.
I count my blessings, which shows me how blessed I am and brings to my attention how much I have achieved in the short time.
I jog when I can and try and better my timing, as it shows me that I have the strength to go beyond and push my limits. It reminds me of my ability to focus and be able to achieve what my mind can conceive and my heart can believe.

What advice would you give our readers in terms of personality and making a mark in the world?
As Jim Rohn said, “Success is not something you pursue, success is something you attract, by being an attractive person”… Be an attractive person by adopting three golden rules, empathy, respect and consideration for self and other. But above all have gratitude, If we can focus on the amount of goodness that fills our daily lives, we will seldom have reasons for remorse and self-doubt.