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“We generate a very big sound for just four members,” Behram, One Nite Stand

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Crowne Plaza, Bengaluru
Causing a pleasant stir, the eclectic band ‘One Nite Stand’ bring in a certain freshness to the Indian music scene. Belting out groovy tunes and creating a unique ‘Dance Rock’ genre, they have got the audience hooked. Watching the band perform on stage is quite a delight as every member seems to be enjoying every bit of the act. Behram Siganporia, the Vocalist and Bass Guitarist gives us the inside scoop on the story behind the name of the band, their philosophy, quirks and a lot more.
-Prajna Rao

Firstly, we are curious to know, why the name ‘One Nite stand’? Could you tell us a little about the genesis of the band?
One Nite Stand is a band, which was initially formed only to perform for just one night. A common friend was getting married and he wanted the four of us to perform at his cocktail reception. This was the night before his wedding. Since we were coming together for just one night to perform and the occasion was apt, we called ourselves One Nite Stand.

Given the amazing response from the crowd, we decided to start performing at clubs around the city. One thing led to another and we’ve been fortunate to perform across the country and work on our debut album.

Apart from your music prowess, what do each of you bring into the group?
One Nite Stand comprises of four of us; Hemanth on Lead Guitar, Jonathan on Piano, Abhilash on Drums and Me, Behram on Vocals and Bass Guitar. More than being just band members, we are also the best of friends and share an incredible chemistry on and off the stage. All four of us are pranksters and we usually have a lot of fun in the middle of all the hard work. Each one of us brings a unique element, which contributes to the overall sound of the band.

The genre of your music is mentioned as ‘Dance Rock’. Could you elaborate on that…
Our music is highly influenced by Rock; however it’s also very groovy with elements of Disco and Electronic music. When these genres are put together and whipped up real nice, we generate a unique sound, which we like to call Dance Rock.

Your band philosophy…
We work very hard on our music and when we perform live, we make sure we always surprise the audience and ensure they stay hooked right through every performance. We pay a lot of attention to detail and technical aspects but we believe in making music that makes us sing and dance and that energy naturally transfers through to our audiences.

Key influences…
We all have our own individual influences but as a band we are influenced by the likes of Coldplay, Queen, Kings of Leon, U2 and several other artists.

What do you aim to put out there?
As we are working on our first album, we plan to put out a record which will appeal to audiences in India and across the world. Our music is something that everyone can sing and dance to.

It is interesting because apart from doing gigs, One Nite Stand has also played music for fashion shows of India’s leading designers. Could you tell us a bit about that?
It’s great that our music seems to work very well at Fashion Shows. All our music is of the tempo that seems to suit Fashion Shows. We also seem to get along really well with the models so the chemistry on the ramp is electric and that makes it interesting for everyone including the audience. We have had the honour to perform for fashion designers in India such as Manoviraj Khosla, Rocky S, Manish Malhotra, Shantanu and Nikhil, Frank Uffe from Denmark and Disa Disa from Iceland.

Any artist quirks?
Well we all have our quirks and quite often laugh about it, even if it’s in the middle of a live show. We pull each other’s legs a lot; however, the biggest quirk is no gig is ever complete until Hemanth snaps a guitar string.

What according to you are the main feats of the group?
I think the main feat of the band is that we generate a very big sound for just four members. We all focus very hard on playing our roles to the T and we believe we are individually and collectively adept to contributing towards the overall sound of the band.

What are your future plans?
We have recently signed a three year contract with Universal Music. We plan to release our music in the next three months and aim to do many more concerts across the country and hopefully go international this year.

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