Princess of heart Niharica Raizada

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Princess of heart faarbe super model Niharica Raizada

If you thought that this was just another story about an aspiring actress in tinsel town, think again. Niharica Raizada, the granddaughter of legendary musician OP Nayyar is no ordinary girl. A former heart specialist by profession, she is now on her journey to conquer the hearts of millions! Armed with a lethal personality and a great mind, this hypnotising beauty from Luxembourg is all set to make huge splash in Bollywood. Here we take a walk down her life, interests, background, leanings and more.

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Niharica was born in Europe, in one of the richest countries in the world: the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg. She grew up there, learning all sorts of languages and European culture. Later on, the beauty went to UK for further studies and finally USA for even higher studies. The stunner shares, “My fascination with Bollywood is an old one though, from as little as when I could understand what it meant to watch T.V and what I saw in it.”

She reminisces, “I used to sit on my grandfather’s lap and watch old black and white film songs. I have always been fascinated by the old school picturisation of songs. Like for Phagun, the close-up shots of Madhubhala, or Helens racy numbers from Caravan. It intrigued me, and I know how glued to the screen my eyes were. I think that’s when I realised within myself that at some point in my life I will dedicate a lot of time to the glamour industry.”

When it comes to roles, while most prefer to run after big banners and commercial movies (which are more or less at a loss these days), the ingenious actress has something else in mind. She wishes to be a part of a indie-new age-world attracting cinema cinema. Says Niharica, “I can’t be like anyone else, i am artistically stubborn, but i want to contribute to the industry using my sex appeal and intelligence, and attract people to my innocent thoughts. ”

After all, the dynamic lady is no stranger to the Bollywood industry. Her grandfather was the veteran musician OP Nayyar. She recollects, “He was also a very stubborn man, i guess i get it from him, his pride was at the forefront of his work. His style was unmatched, he wouldn’t even speak to anyone without giving alcohol and taking money.”

The actress further adds, “An artist has to be confident about their craft, no one is here telling you how you should act, sing, dance or compose, it’s a talent from within and I strongly believe in that. However, be realistic, don’t hit your head against a rubber wall. In Bollywood you can’t just wing it, there are ways and you have to become a part of the circle, people must feel for you, care for you, and love you. The strong willed beauty believes that the Bollywood or the glamour field at large is a place where you can only contribute and can’t take anything from it. Her conviction is that if you feel you have something worthy to contribute, then make sure you do it! And she does.

But in all of it we can’t help and wonder how come the shift from a doctor to modelling and acting? She answers, “I studied science because it is the teachings of life itself. I like being educated and would repeat it if I had too. Science makes you very aware of the human cycle, and we are the most intelligent species on this planet. We form the centre of all “thinking” and science gives logic to that thinking power. Armed with these tools we can face challenges head on with a very practical approach. Whereas art is my happiness, it is my getaway, my drug, it makes me feel completely stripped of all logic, raw humanness, it enhances my expressions, my emotions and shows me sides of myself even i didn’t know existed. I don’t think I can make it any clearer than that.” The actress further drives the point, “I like to be able to say that I am well bred from an intellectual point of view, I have a few degrees with a Fulbright scholarship and Johns Hopkins and Imperial College as my alma mater, it sets me apart from most individuals and I am proud of that.”

When it comes to cinema in India, Niharica believes that the country does not live in the black and white days anymore. “We have some new rich kids on the block, new money characters who are trying to be progressive, some smart, some not. They use the internet and the PR vehicle to market cinema like never before. Westernisation of our Hindi Film Industry has happened at such a radical pace, i don’t know a single kid who even understands the lyrics of our songs today, it is all beat, feeling toh door ki baat hai. There are some positives and some negatives. But I think the negatives are higher. We sell flesh now, not story.cold hot bra front ADHowever, she does mention candidly, “As much as I love Indians, I think people need to go back to basics and marriage technology with story rather than just music with stars. Make cinema that has meaning and be transparent about those feelings. Do not say something and want something else. I believe in Indian culture and trust me we are the best story tellers in the world. Lets make something that the world will relate too.
My advice to all newcomers in terms of work: tread safely and you must not reveal everything. You have to be careful of who you meet and what you say.”

Having said that, Niharica is more than happy to be here. She likes the friendly and warm heartedness of her fellow Indians. “By the end of it, they are my people and I am happy to be welcomed”, admits the diva.



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