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Namit Das on theatre in India

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He brings a certain freshness to the screen with his acting prowess and affable looks. There is no denying Namit Das’s charm. The actor has left the audience pining for more with Bollywood movies such as ‘Wake Up Sid’ and ‘Ghanchakkar’. This prolific artiste who has a strong background in theatre enlightens us about this very world…

You have a good experience of acting on the big screen as well as theatre. Which one do you prefer and why?
Both, they are different mediums altogether, and while theatre is looking at acting in a raw form, camera (big screen) is always trimming it down (though one can’t compare). Skills required for both mediums are different and accordingly one has to adjust. Personally, I prefer both; camera is a director’s medium, but exposure is much more for an actor.

What do you feel about the current scene of theatre in India?
Very exciting, and the youth has added a lot of their effort for what’s happening today. In the past ten years, a lot of young people have opted for theatre. It is fantastic and lots of young people want to make it a profession. So, that is what is making it exciting in cities like Bombay, Bangalore Chennai and Delhi. I wish this spreads to other cities as well.

Who are your favourite theatre artists in India in terms of directors and actors?
For direction, Atul Kumar, Rajat Kapoor and Sunil Shanbag are truly among the best. In acting, you have legends such as Naseeruddin Shah, Shernaz Patel and Rajit Kapur too, who are always doing something new.

Which play according to you is an absolutely must see and why?
‘The Djinns of Eidgah’ by Abhishek Majumdar is an absolutely brilliant play. Abhishek is doing a great work in Bangalore. He is one of most promising directors and writers.

Theatre is a beautiful form of art and yet, today it does not get the appreciation it deserves. What is your take on it? Is there anything you would like to enlighten the readers about this medium?
I don’t agree that theatre is not getting appreciation, India as a country is widespread, and a certain type of people exist for theatre, theatre is commonly watched. It is growing in the fraternity and the growth is simply unstoppable.

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