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Alesia Raut…our very own Russian beauty

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Alesia Raut…our very own Russian beauty!

alesia raut

You can’t help noticing how her calm, friendly and down-to-earth nature instantly puts you at ease. She made a splash in the modelling world in 1999 and everyone took an instant fancy to her interesting Russian and Indian lineage. More than ten years later, she is still as exuberant and radiant as a newcomer. Alesia sets a healthy example of how one can be in top shape and do the fine balancing act of career and motherhood.

And, while shooting for LSF, in between her make up and shots, she spills the beans on her fitness mantra, her style, fashion and trends and most importantly, her profession… modelling. Here’s the gorgeous Alesia Raut, in a free-wheeling chat with Prajna Rao

You have been in the modelling world for a long time, since 1999 if I am not mistaken…

It has been almost 10 years, not at a stretch but almost ten years.

Tell us how the modelling scene has changed in the past decade…

 There are many Fashion Weeks now, so there is loads work for every model.  It is getting more organised. The payments have not increased much; they were much better when I started off.  I’m happy though that there are a lot of Fashion Weeks happening. We are getting to see a lot of international models in India. So you can see how welcoming we are and how much work there is for Indian and international models.

 What are the changes you have noticed in the fashion scene?

 In terms of ramp shows, there is a lot of platform for upcoming designers. The talent is getting noticeable somewhere, so that is good. Lakme and Wills offers chances to newcomers, but there is one drawback – because of so many Fashion Weeks the creativity is getting killed somewhere. One has to live up to the production – for instance if it is Bridal, Spring/Summer, Autumn/Winter collection. Not every designer specialises in that form. You have to consider a lot of demands so somewhere if it is the Spring/Summer or the Winter/Autumn Fashion Week, the outcome may not necessarily be what is conceptualised. That is the only drawback, otherwise many young designers are getting a platform so their talent is showcased.  Designers from Calcutta, rural India are showing the true Indian culture a lot now.

What would you say is your personal style? Do you get influenced by trends?

 When I am off the ramp it is always jeans and t-shirts. I like wearing sarees, but that happens only occasionally. I am not a trend follower and do not follow trends blindly. I try new things; if it suits me I follow it. Otherwise, I stick to wearing what I have been wearing all this while – jeans and t-shirt. It is difficult to get my length of jeans. The only place where I find my jeans is Mango and of lately, FCUK; I love the dresses. The fit is amazing!

How do you manage to stay fit? Any fitness routine you follow…

 Before my son’s birth I took aerobic and dance classes, but post-pregnancy I have not worked out at all. Genetically I am blessed, so thanks for that. My son keeps me on toes. Also, when I look at my house-help, I think, ‘My God! She just seems to be doing household work and she is fit, so why not me’!  So I try to follow that. I do small things such as climbing up the stairs and walking down rather than going in the car. All this keeps me fit and I do not believe in diet. Food does not ruin anyone’s health; we spoil it by having food the wrong way.

What is the secret behind your flawless skin?  Do you follow any particular beauty regime?

 The more I take care of my skin, it gets angry, so I use most of my son’s products. In terms of hair, I colour my hair, so I use the L’Oreal hair colour shampoo. I get a regular facial and drink a lot of vegetable juice. I also have nuts in the morning and take omega 3 tablets. These are a few things that I am particular about and they have been working for me for a very long time.

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