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Talk of town: Actress Mahsa Kooshesh

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Mahsa would love to do the FAARBE glamorous concept shoots 

Mahsa Kooshesh is a Swedish – Persian actress, dancer and model with a Masters in Biomedical Science. In 2014. She moved from Sweden to India to pursue her dream of acting in Bollywood.She is a very passionate and adventurous girl who is always looking for new challenges and being part of Bollywood has been the biggest adventure so far. She loves life and always try to live to the fullest. an interviews with Mahsa Kooshesh

Tell about Your Journey in Bollywood?

 My passion for Bollywood started when I was a little girl. I used to watch Bollywood movies with my mom, her absolute favourite was Sholay and while watching that, I used to pretend being Basanti and dancing to Haan Jab Tak Hai Jaan. That’s when I fell in love with the Indian cinema; the beautiful music, dances and outfits. I am trained in many different dance forms including western dances, belly dancing and Bharatnatyam. I have danced, performed and taught Bollywood dance for many years which led to me starting my very own dance school in Sweden, called Bollywood Dance Fever. 

 In India, I started with TVCs and several modeling jobs. I have had many of my hoardings all over Mumbai and have been brand ambassador for a very prestigous diamond brand, to give a few examples. The first film project I did was with MTV India, a short film where I played a Lakme Model. 

 My dancing skills made it possible for me to work in item songs. So far I have done 4 item songs.

 I started shooting for my first leading role in the upcoming film, ”Missing On A Weekend” last year. The film is being released this coming Friday, August 26th. Im very proud and excited about this film and about being one of the leading characters. I had tears in my eyes while watching the movie at a special screening, realizing my dream had come true. 

 Did you always want to get into acting? How did it happen?

 I remember making a list of future goals once when I was a little girl. Medical studies and acting were both on the list. I used to set up short theatre acts and forced my family to watch. I have always had a huge passion for acting and Im very happy that I finally got the chance to pursue my dream. 

Were there any struggles along the way? How did you overcome them?

 My biggest challenges were the language and learning the ways of life in a new country, away from my family and friends. I used to search for Hindi lessons on youtube and listen to a lot of hindi songs to be able to learn hindi. I practiced my hindi on Rickshaw drivers in the beginning. I am still learning.   

Your Experience about Bollywood?

 I have had different kind of experiences while working on every project. I feel like I have been lucky so far, because the projects I have done and the people I have worked with have been amazingly fun and proffessional. I have also gotten to see different cities and parts of India while shooting, which has added to the great experience that I have had.  

How would you describe yourself? What are your quirks? 

I am enthusiastic, energetic and believe in living with no regrets. This has given me the courage to move to India to pursue my dream and also doing a lot of crazy stuff, like parachuting.  

What is your success mantra? Your strength?

 ”Limits only exist in the mind”. You are the only one who can set limits for yourself. When you realise that you are capable of doing anything as long as you work hard for it, nothing will be impossible anymore.  

 My biggest strength is my patience, I don’t give up easily. 

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Is the glamour in Bollywood different from Hollywood?

 One noticeable difference between Bollywood and Hollywood is in the outfit designs, the makeup and jewelleries. Wearing the amazing traditional outfits and jewelries in Bollywood makes me feel like a royalty and that’s one of the reasons why I chose Bollywood before Hollywood.  

 One important thing that the glamour industry has taught you?

 The glamour industry has taught me to believe in myself even when no one else does so. Its difficult to please everyone in this industry and there’s always someone who thinks you should change something about yourself in order to become perfect. I have learnt to stop looking for faults and love myself the way I am. 

 One glamorous role that you would always want to play…

I always wanted to play Aishwaryas role (Paro) in Devdas, or Hema Malini (Basanti) in Sholay. Apart from that, I would love to play a role opposite to Shahrukh Khan. 

 We are coming up with ‘Faarbe Most Stylish Contest’ ( By Lifestyle Fragrance magazine ), if  you were the judge, what is the criteria that you would look for?

 I would look for the contestant who has been able to express herself the best through fashion and designs. 

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