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The key is comfort. You can wear anything and look stylish – Madalsa Sharma

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Madalsa Sharma entered the film industry at a tender age of 17 and unlike others who have faded away after a short stint; the beauty is still growing strong. Madalsa Sharma’s list of coup includes movies across the Indian cinema along with a German film. A tete-a-tete with this star who inspires with her humility and unshakable focus.…

You ventured into movies at a young age of 17, what prompted you into it?
This is something well-thought from my side. I wanted to become an actress since I was a child and was fortunate enough to be getting offers since my school days. However, I wanted to keep my education intact. There were options for Bollywood and the South and I first started off in the South when opportunity came knocking.

Your parents,Sheela David Sharma and Filmmaker Subhash Sharma, come from the same industry. What is the most valuable advice you received from them?
It is a very helpful thing. I am very fortunate to have my parents. Ever since I was a little child, there was never any pressure, it was completely my decision. The valuable advice that I received from them is to keep calm and focused and keep my goal intact. To go on working towards it and at the same time to be a humble person. They told me to ‘be humble and be focused’.

Could you share your experience of the German movie, The Girl With The Indian Emeralds?
It was a very good experience and came out of nowhere. They were looking for something in particular, liked me and the way I was looking onscreen. As I was doing movies in different languages, I figured why not do something international. It gave me a lot of exposure. When you are shifting from one industry to another, you see different kinds of culture. It’s very interesting and enriching. I’m really glad to be a part of Bollywood and the Indian film industry too.

We would love to know about the woman behind the screen, how would you describe yourself?
I am a Bombay girl…was born and bought up here. I’m a simple, girl next door who likes to go out, party, listen to music; loves to watch films and dance. I do not have any airs about me and would love to do the things that a normal girl would.

Your daily mantra to beat stress…
I just be calm. Not all days are good. At such times, the only thing I do is keep calm and think about the goal. I take a deep breath and think about where I want to be and all the stress goes away. Stress is a very big barrier and getting worried leads to negative things. I don’t like to waste my time getting wrapped up in it, it’s a new day after that.

A motto that you live by…
My motto is that I want to be at the top of my profession. Each and everyday I try to achieve that. I never gave up striving and working towards that.

How do you manage to stay so fit?
Fitness is very important, especially for an actor. I wake up early in the morning, run around the area that I live in and then continue my day. I do yoga as well. My regime fluctuates. I am really into dancing and even if I get an hour a day, I close my room and dance my heart out, it’s a great stress buster.

Any beauty secrets?
Just be happy from within, all your beauty is going to come out. When you are happy from the inside, you look beautiful from the outside.

What’s your sense of style?
The key is comfort. When you are comfortable, you can wear anything and look stylish.

Advice you would give to the readers of the magazine.
Live your life king size, one has to be happy by the end of the day. Keep smiling and spread your happiness wherever you go.

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