Isha Sharmaa on the reality of the television industry and playing a villain

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She might be known as an antagonist of the television series Jamai Raja, but Isha Sharmaa has many fascinating facets to her. An Engineer, she has taken a plunge into the acting world and is all set to conquer it. Here, the actress candidly talks about the industry, playing a negative role and more…

What made you get into acting?
I became an Engineer, but was working and preparing myself as an actor. I have always wanted to become one, it’s one of those things that you know in your heart is right for you. As a kid, I wanted to do so many things and as an actor, you get to play different characters in life.

Where there any struggles along the way?
Everyone faces struggles and difficulties, we have to go to auditions and have to be approved for our role. There will be some rejections and as an actor you have to accept that. That was hard for me initially. Then, there is the day to day struggle of having to give up my job. Managing expenses has been a little hard, I somehow can though.

You played the main antagonist as Kritika Rajveer Singh Ranawat in the TV show Jamai Raja on Zee TV. How is it playing a negative character?
Playing a negative role is more interesting and fun than playing a positive role. You get to do a lot of things, villains are always much more cool.

I did not need much convincing for my role as Kritika Rajveer Singh Ranawat. It was a justified negative character, there is a reason why she is the way she is. She has been shaped by the lies told to her by her father, what she goes through in life and having lived her life in a foster home. Kritika is not an out and out villain, but justified in behaving the way she does.

Off-screen, how would you describe yourself?
I’m a fun loving person,  and like to have adventure in my life. I’m very much into hiking, mountain climbing. It is all about following my heart.

Tell us something about the television industry that one is generally unaware about…

Its a tough job, people think that being an actor is very easy, its not. You really have to love it to do it.

Also, if you can do television, you can do anything in the world as an actor. Only actors are aware of that. In movies, you have a lot of time whereas in television, you have the script and have to perform in one hour’s time.

How would you describe a day in your life?

That would be me getting up early, packing up my stuff and going to the set that is around two hours away. Once at the set, I will be getting my hair and make-up done, waiting for my shot to come, preparing, and rehearsing. That is basically a day in my life.

And when you are not working?

I meet up with my friends, do a bit of shopping and try and find time to do things that I like.

What’s next for you?

Hopefully a lot of good work, doing different versatile roles and having fun!

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