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Giving an exquisite form to feelings and expressions, Kusum Jain

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Maestro artist Kusum Jain is testimony to the fact that age is no bar to pursue one’s passion. Post fulfilling her family duties, she pursued her penchant for art through sculpting, giving an enchanting form to feelings and expressions.

Sculpting as a medium

Kusum recalls, “I was always interested in art and began around 18 years ago when my daughter was in college.” She thereby qualified with Bachelor Of Arts from Miranda House, Delhi University. As for her love for this form, the ingenious lady shares, “Sculpting is a good medium. It has been a passion of mine from the beginning and I can express my feelings through them.” The artist’s sculptures have evolved into fresh new dimensions with her mixed media abstractions. Both bronze and fibre bring a multitude of expressions to her creations.


When it comes to inspiration, the sculptor says, “My sculptures are inspired by the people around me, their similarities, differences and emotions.” Each work is personal and allows you to decide its meaning. As the gifted person works through the creative process, she is able to draw upon the subconscious of her experience in order to interpret gesture, form, energy, pleasure, and pain.

The subject

Women are a strong and recurring subject in her creations. In line with the same, she had held an exhibition titled ‘Journey of Women’. The recent spate of reports of violence against females which shows the aggressive nature, gentle submissive quality and emotional aspect is depicted through her work. Kusum states, “I also find the themes of Radha Krishna and mother and child interesting.”

Behind the creations

While the creation that comes to being is something exquisite, there is a lot of toil and thought that goes behind it. “You have to work hard for it, your feelings and expressions have to reflect in the creations. It is a challenge and you need to devote a lot of time. Then there is also the question of ‘what next’, ‘what should I make.’” Kusum further emphasis, “You do not sketch anything and directly start working on clay.”

advt-300x250-7The fruits

Further giving credibility to her sculptures, the artist has received awards at the state and interstate levels. Having said that, the inner sense of fulfillment that comes along with her creations is profound. “I am alone, I am happy and very much relaxed, it gives me a lot of peace and satisfaction,” admits Kusum.

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