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Gel Bra for beauty and care

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The Gel bra can be used for Health as well Beauty applications. The Gel bra can be used for Cold as well Hot therapy.  At first apply the Gel bra for 5-10 minutes as Hot therapy. ( With worm – soft temperature. Put the bra in the warm water for 10 to 15 minutes ) .  After that do a proper soft massage with or without cream  and then apply the cold bra to give toning & firming effect. For more details refer to your physician.

Beauty Application:

  • Breast Enhancement
  • Breast Care
  • Toning & Firming
  • Glow

Health Care Pain Relief :

  • Post Breast Surgery
  • Ease Breast Pain after Birth
  • Post Breast implant or any surgery

Hot Therapy : Put the Bra in Warm water for 10 to 15 minutes or put it in the microwave wave oven as given in the instructions.

Cold Therapy : Put the Gel bra in Freezer for 15-20 minutes .



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