Faarbe most stylish model Malvi Malhotra

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The hunt for FAARBE most stylish Summer Models hunt began with a bang.  The selected MOST STYLISH model get a chance to do LSF Photo shoot . The LSF stylish fashion shoot concentrated on fashion, Lifestyle & beauty. The top designers stylish and makeover professional are the part of photo shoot.

FAARBE Most Stylish Award is given to the most stylish, talanted and beautiful model. Faarbe Stylish award is for model and actress who is not just being stylish in dressing but the way she potrays herself in society, the one who confident the way she dresses, carries herself confidently. Malvi Malhotra the beautiful actress was the selected model for LSF glamorous photo shoot. Malvi did the first photo shoot with ” Simple” concept. Actress Malvi signed many films in South. Soon you will see her in LSF Glamour photo shoots.


Fashion Editor with LSF Magazine

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