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Breaking music boundaries, Gioconda Vessichelli

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Breaking music boundaries, Gioconda Vessichelli With a powerhouse of voice, Gioconda Vessichelli,has done something extraordinary in the music industry. She has pioneered and invented BollywoOPERA style, a fusion between Opera and Indian music. Here is what this mellifluous artist who is also the recipient of International Opera awards has to say.. Music has no boundaries… If music is done well and by true musicians who have a 360 degree vision of music and art, it always works everywhere. Music is something ductile, not frozen, it must be adapted to contemporary times and the audience’s needs. This is  exactly what I have learned from my teacher Luciano Pavarotti (the best tenor of the world). He has broken the boundaries between different music genres and sang along U2, Sting and many other pop artists in concerts. Thanks to his vision of music, teenagers and not so rich people who normally don’t have enough money to afford the cost of an opera concert’s ticket, have come to know what Opera is.

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Her mission in India That’s the mission that I’m continuing in India, by creating and introducing BollywoOPERA style. I feel that India is a country full of awesome spiritual energies and Indians can truly enjoy the vibrations and feelings produced by the Opera way of singing. When I performed here, I received a standing ovation even though the audience didn’t understand the meaning of the lyrics. That’s because by listening to the powerful voice (which does not even require the use of microphones), they experienced a heightened level of joy.Recently, I got a standing ovation at my concert in Nehru Centre with Niladri Kumar, Zakir Hussain, Gino Banks, Hariharan and many others who played in my band. On staying in India… I intend to stay in India all my life and flourish in my career here.

It’s a very spiritual land and I feel I was an Indian girl in my previous life. I love Indian music and the people as well as the unpredictability of this magic land! Lord Ganesha brought me here and everything happened so fast (I sung in various movies such as ‘Prague’ and ‘Mary Kom’. I’ve collaborated with Salim Sulaiman, Meet Brothers, Sajid Vajid, Leslie Luwis, Mika Singh.) The person behind the voice I am elated to be an Ambassador of Opera style in India. I don’t think a real artist should ever be inhibited in anything. Otherwise, it’s not pure art. I’ve never been inhibited and have always done what my heart and my voice said.

When you are happy and in peace with yourself, the most beautiful things come out and you are also able to let the audience enjoy it. Opera akin to meditation After spending some days in Osho Ashram, Pune, I realised that the Opera style is very similar to meditation, it improves your soul and inner world. Some of the techniques used are the same and I have already been using them for singing (such as the use of the third eye, the breathing technique to develop sounds, etc.) Surprise in store I will surprise you soon, maybe not only as a singer, I’m exploring my other artistic skills as well. For, I’m also a trained dancer and an actress and have two graduations from the International Academy for Performing Arts in Europe. Stay

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