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New face from Australia – Bhavika Sharma

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Bhavika Sharma… An unknown name, a new face … Bhavika started her journey from Australia when she was introduced to theatre in her growing years. But her training and dreams had begun at the tender age of childhood when she used to watch Hindi movies and be completely immersed in them. A huge SRK fan, Bhavika understood that being on ‘that screen’ is what she wanted. From theatre to screen to ads to moments on set. Bhavika trained as hard as she could in her small city of Hobart, located on the Island of Tasmania in Australia. Living there, she always felt envious of the fact that she wasn’t in Mumbai. Although she regularly connected with people through emails and phone calls- things just weren’t working out. Bhavika had a strong desire to test the streets of Mumbai on her own.

Bhavika’s parents have always been supportive of her dreams, and when the young 3rd year Law Student sat with her parents one day, they decided that they would let her go and live out her dream in Mumbai. With a bag packed full of dreams and excitement, Bhavika and her Father Anil set out on this journey to Mumbai. Up’s and down’s, bedazzled emotions, and tough times are a part of everyone’s lives.

For Bhavika her dream has already come true, as she is in her dreamland. The long lines of people seem like her long years of aspirations. The auditions feel like those times of preparation of her performing similar scenarios in front of the mirror.

The rejections feel like work is being done. Motivated, enthused, excited and of course at times a little sad. But that’s life, right? This is only the beginning, and Bhavika is sure that this beginning will lead to a beautiful end- but until then… “Picture abhi baaki hai mere dost!”

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