The Bandra Gymkhana celebrated Women’s Night on 8th March with a fun evening

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Celebrations on Women’s Day have grown through the years with fun events organised and applauded the strength and spirit of womanhood. The Bandra Gymkhana marked this special day with a fun an entertaining evening.

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At the event, accessory and garment designer Felix Bendish showcased his eclectic collection, ‘The Evening Sun’. Said Felix about his range, “It is a tribute to the Shakti, the power of the goddess, some call it a woman; I call her the power of creation.”
His beautiful creations were also donned by Ms Sonia Barbry, Consul General of France in Mumbai and Dr Cheryl Misquitta, President, Bandra Gymkhana. Ms Barbry wore a gorgeous purple gown with a tie dye stole, while Dr Misquitta donned a beautiful pink one shoulder drapery gown.

While speaking about fashion, Ms Barbry said that she liked it and always looked for small little stores and designers. She says, “I don’t go for international brands and like to find jewels and little labels; not necessarily expensive or luxurious brands.”

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She also feels that traditionally, Indian women are graceful and very feminine. Even in the villages of India, women are always very elegant and graceful. “It’s there naturally and then of course, in cities, the fashion is different. But I think Indian women love fashion as there’s the tradition of fabrics, weaves and also so many colours. Indian women love to wear colour; they don flowers in their hair and it makes their appearance more beautiful,” Ms Barbry opines.

Also, she likes the saree and wears it on occasions such as a wedding. It’s beautiful and very elegant though not easy to wear, but she likes it.

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Felix’s creations, which were as colourful as can be, were much loved by all as well as the Consul General. “As I work with hand embroideries, a lot of my work is done by women artisans,” explained the internationally acclaimed designer. As for inspiration, he gets inspired by women who have a mind of their own and are confident in the face of challenges.

His beautiful collection, inspired by flowers and petals that bloom in full fashion glory and beautifully handcrafted embroidery, textures and drapes was an apt celebration of womanhood and her spirit.
Photos – Credit @the_little_lens