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Architect Neeraj Chawla tells about ultrasonic Bird & Rat repellent devices…

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Neeraj Chawla founder and chief architect at Neeraj Chawla & Associates, specializes in residential and commercial interiors. His other distinctions include specializing in wildlife and commercial photography. He is also a member of Council of Architecture (CA), All India Institute of Architects (AIIA), Photographic Society of India (PSI) and Bombay Natural History Society (BNHS).  Architect Neeraj Chawla has written articles on “How to make small apartments look spacious” which has been very much appreciated.

Today he is here sharing his experience about our ultrasonic repellent devices .

conceptmartThe most effective development in ultrasonic technology is ultrasonic repellents which are designed and used to repel animals and not kill. These devices work by imitating ultrasonic waves through air. The ultrasonic repellent produces sound which is not audible to human ear but only animals. By hearing continuous sound the animal becomes restless and this encourages them to leave that place soon. There is always a question in minds of people that do such repellents really work? Like any other person I too had the same question in my mind. After using Conceptmart’s rodent repellent now I will say; ‘Yes’ it definitely works. But one has to be careful, as number of duplicate and cheap ultrasonic devices are available, which are not effective.

I suggest those who are facing problems in eliminating animals choose proven and effective Conceptmart’s ultrasonic repellent devices.

I had a client who faced major problems with rats in his office. He had tried everything from glue pads to rat poisons to eliminate rats from his office. His office was in a complete mess by using rat poisons etc. and still he didn’t get a permanent solution to get rid of rats. He contacted me for a renovation for his office and for a permanent solution for rats. I suggested him Conceptmart’s rodent/rat repellent. Within 2 weeks his office was not only rat free but also discouraged rats from entering the office.

Being an architect, I suggest all my clients now to go for Conceptmart’s ultrasonic repellent as I am sure they work effectively without killing but by repelling only. Also being a wildlife photographer I am totally in favour of such ultrasonic devices as they do not kill or harm animals and also provides a permanent solution for people facing problems because of unwanted animals or birds.

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