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How far can a boat ride you but a few miles away….

Beyond a mountain, across a lake or even a bay…
How long that’ll take you should matter not…
Every bit of it is matters what…

Boat rides have always been a thrill but nothing has beat this one at least this far. The waters gushing white, pulling the ferry away from the shore; the spray distracting you from the line of seagulls chasing at you or rather at your food. Don’t hesitate to share your morning snack with the birds. Just aim at them and they’ll try their best to let you succeed. It’s a rare joy!!!

Engaged in the ride you finally find yourself on the coast of Alibaug. Completely cut off from the city here you are, all anew. Besides the many beaches lining the coast, the beach of Alibaug leads you to a fort.

About two kilometers into the sea within sight, poised on a height is the fort of Kolaba. On an island 297 meters north-south direction and 109 meters east-west direction lays the fort. Built under Shivaji in about 1650 the fort carries to it hundreds of years.

A low tide allows you to walk to the fort; otherwise you’d walk through waist deep waters. An aisle flanked with the sea on one side and hills on the other is just refreshing and nothing close to exhausting. With for those who do not think so, Tonga ride facilities are available and they have their own element of fun. So hop into one, one way.

One time used for building huge magnificent ships, the fort is now in ruins housing a temple, a sweet water well among its other ancient amenities. The temple dedicated to lord Ganesha was built in 1759. A sweet water well on an island as small as that, set amidst a sea of salty water is a wonder in itself. Carvings of tigers, peacocks, elephants endow the entrance arc of the fort. Near the gate there are shrines dedicated to Gods along with the fort deity. The fort in all its ruins boasts of its once grandeur of significance.

Developed in the 17th century by Shivaji’s Naval Chief Kanhoji Angre, Alibaug houses many forts, churches, synagogues, the tower of Barbara etc. Among its other attractions there include beaches of Akshi – 5 kms away from Alibaug beach, Kihim – 12 kms away. Kashid, Nagaon etc. There are the temples of Kanakeshwar, Mandawa, Vikram Vinayak/Birla etc. Sites of historic significance include the fort at Murund-Janjira which is 20 kms away from Alibaug beach and the town of Chaul, 15 kms away. This historic town displays Portuguese ruins, old churches, synagogues, Buddist Caves etc. and will take you back to times ancient.

An early morning ferry ride from the gateway of Mumbai takes you to Alibaug. Being not too far from the city, it’s a get-away place for many city dwellers, many of whom invest in farm houses on this little piece of Paradise.
Though all your city strings may pull you back; once you get there, you wana live there at least a little longer…Alibaug – Travel India

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